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A major manufacture contracted with us to build a new liquid mixing facility. On the left is the concept drawing, on the right is the completed project. Our scope of work included the engineering, procurement of materials, demolition, concrete, structural work, heavy equipment rigging and setting, and pipe work. When we say concept to completion, we mean it… PARTNER WITH US on your next project!

Tell us Your Process

The structure was designed in house

The structure after the job was completed

First Stage

Removing concrete for new footings

Second Stage

Foundation preparation

Third Stage

Pouring new concrete pad

Fourth Stage

Setting the mixing towers



We were approached with a project to change out (2) SIX FOOT diameter elbows along with some associated piping. The problem was that with the heat the equipment had been exposed to, it wasn’t certain to what degree the elbow had grown and if it was even a 90 degree elbow anymore. We were able to use our 3D scanning technology to scan the elbow and provide an exact replacement for what was there. All of the fabrication was done prior to arriving on site, and we were able to remove the old equipment and install the new equipment within a small window of opportunity during a plant shutdown. The new elbow was not a true 90 degrees and it had a slight lateral bend as well. The scan was so precise that we could even see the dents from sledgehammers in the elbow. The new equipment fit perfectly and the project was completed ahead of schedule.
PARTNER WITH US when inches matter!

Using 3D scanning technology

Recreated elbow with CAD

The old elbow

The new elbow we created and installed


Is this just a game? Just because we are always having fun doesn't mean that we don't work. But since we're on the subject, let's talk BASEBALL . . .




Manager (You)

Oversees the team’s major strategic decisions and delegates to coaches and the team.

Coaching Staff (Us)

Specialized responsibilities, individualized training and general assistance (installations, safety, scheduling, coordination.


Defining the problem and finding the best solution.

Playing Field

Your plant.


The tools we bring to get the job done safely.

Pinch Hitter

Our “go to” guys that will assist and support you.

Curve Ball

The unexpected elements that present themselves. We prevent and deal with these.


Obstacles that must be over-
come, such as scheduling issues or late shipments.

Sometimes the difference between winning and losing is just a matter of inches.
Other material handling experts may get the size right, but we don’t stop there . . .

...we show you how to

use the equipment!